A-List Bloggers Are Boring – 5 People Whose Blogs You Should Be Reading

A-List Bloggers are Boring

Many up-and-coming bloggers have quite a destructive mindset – they think that the only way to boost a burgeoning blog’s popularity is to piggyback on the success of a-list bloggers. Thoughts such as, “If I could just get a guest post at ProBlogger” or “if only Pat Flynn would re-tweet my posts” are not uncommon, as if they somehow hold the golden ticket to relative fame and fortune.

Now don’t get me wrong – the support of a-list bloggers can do great things for your blog. But “support” comes in many different shapes and sizes. And the fact is, support from your peers if often far more valuable than the support of those you look up to.

I have personally gone to great lengths to develop positive relationships with bloggers who are on or around my level. Why?

  1. I see myself in them, and I want to help them.
  2. I love getting an insight into how they go about their business.
  3. They are “in the trenches” with you, not giving out orders 30 miles behind the front line ;)
  4. It’s a lot more rewarding to grow with someone and share the experience, than try to wedge yourself into an a-lister’s already saturated network.

There is a lot to gain from looking around you, rather than above. After all, the up-and-comers of today are the a-listers of tomorrow. So in this post, I want to share with you five bloggers who you should get to know better.

Deacon Bradley – Life Stoked

Deacon BradleyThis guy doesn’t even teach people how to make money online! Shock horror! But Deacon does have boundless enthusiasm and a clear love for helping others. I couldn’t put it any better than his blog’s tagline: “Create a life you’re excited to live!”

As far as I am concerned, that is the most simple definition of what we should all be aiming for.

Tim Soulo – Blogger Jet

Tim SouloThere’s a lot to like about Tim. He doesn’t let the fact that English isn’t his first language hold him back. He has one hell of an ambitious target for his blog. And he uses more smilies than anyone else I know :)

Tim is tying to grow a blog from 0 to 100,000 visits (per month) in just six months. Given that my blog is already five months old and I got only 1,900 unique visitors in the last 30 days, he certainly has the beating of me ;) If nothing else, his blog is a fascinating case study that anyone interested in blog growth should be reading.

Steve Roy – Ending The Grind

Steve RoyI first came across Steve’s blog when I was looking for other blogs similar to mine. Leaving Work Behind and Ending The Grind don’t sound too dissimilar, do they? But recently, Steve’s blog has taken a sharp change in direction and is becoming something really special.

There is no doubting that Steve is working through a pretty tumultuous patch in his life, and he intends for his blog to essentially take his readers through that journey. For anyone who is interested in quitting their job, his blog is a must-read.

I should say that Steve already has an well-established blog with a sizable readership. But I’m sure he wouldn’t claim to be an a-lister, and I wanted him on this list!

Conni Biesalski – A Life Of Blue

Conni BiesalskiConni’s blog launched just last week, but she definitely hit the ground running! I have been following her progress for the past few weeks as she meticulously went about planning her launch. If you are looking to launch a blog in the near future, Conni’s your girl – she put a damn sight more thought into it than I did!

Besides that, you would struggle to find anyone more genuinely well-wishing - Conni is an extremely enthusiastic person. She also brings true value in not being afraid to tell you that what you’re doing is rubbish! In as nice a way as possible, of course…

Gregory Ciotti – Sparring Mind

Greg CiottiGreg is last on the list, but by no means least. This guy has huge ambitions for his blog, produces awesome content, and to top it all off, is a genuinely nice guy. You may well have seen him in the comments section of my blog post. He is taking very deliberate steps to expose his blog to bigger and bigger platforms, for which I applaud him. He’s got a lot of drive and motivation and really seems to be executing his strategy very well.

You should follow Greg’s blog for two very good reasons:

  1. He writes great posts that are invaluable for any internet marketer.
  2. His blog doubles as a great case study of how to market your blog well.

Strength In Numbers

It was not deliberate, but I have picked five very different people, and five very different blogs. So you have an awful lot to gain from checking out each and every one of the bloggers above. What are you waiting for?

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  1. says

    Wow, Tom, thanks sooo much for including me in this great list and brilliant blogpost!! I feel really flattered on this sunny Saturday morning :) I am more and more realising how important peer support is and how good it feels to give to others. Just. Awesome. The blogosphere is a fascinating community!

    It’s been a great pleasure connecting and exchanging ideas with you, Tom!! I’m sure there is lots more to come!

  2. says

    Now that’s a good list to follow! I really don’t feel comfortable reading A-list bloggers, ’cause they’re like these “Professionals” who write they care a lot and all that is on their sites is guest posts, guest post and more guest posts by others… :)

  3. says

    Wait, does this mean I’m not an A-lister??? hah j/k.

    Wow Tom, THANKS so much for including me! Very humbling company :). I’ve already been enjoying 4 of these 5 and you’re right on – they’re awesome! Looking forward to catching up on the 5th now.

  4. says

    I would like to add Bumfuzzle and Young House Love. I read these on a daily basis – why? Because I find what they write interesting and well written. No celebs, no bragging, honesty in blogging – yes they tell you the mistakes they have made!

    When Young House Love runs a competition, the cut off is 10,000 entries. They easily achieve that in less that 24 hours!

    Google the names for the URLS and see why they are so successful!

    • says

      Hello :)

      If they get 10,000 competition entries within 24 hours, they sound pretty a-list to me ;)

      But if they still retain a modest air about them, they can be honorary additions to the list ;)



  5. says

    Hey Tom,
    I just saw this post…
    And dammit I AM an A lister! Maybe even an A+ lister…

    OK, in all seriousness, it’s always a pleasure to be mentioned like this and I love all the support I’ve received.
    I know Deacon but not the others, so I’ll have to have a look.

    To be honest Tom, I kind of feel like a schlep. You’ve promoted my blog many times over and I haven’t even followed up with our Skype call…

    It on, brother. Let’s just schedule it and make it happen.

    And Ruth: Love you too :)

  6. says

    Pretty neat list. Sparring Mind looks interesting, kind of like Social Triggers. I haven’t read much on Ending the Grind, but I did happen upon Steve’s interview with Penelope Trunk, and I gotta say it was pretty awesome.

    • says

      Hey Wesley,

      I have been teasing Greg about being the next Derek Halpern ;)

      And as for the infamous Penelope Trunk/Steve Roy interview…yeah…that was an eye-opener – and not just for Steve!

      Thanks for dropping by :)


  7. says

    This is my first visit. Loved your list. I’m only recently familiar with Connie’s blog as she interviewed a friend recently, Raam Dev. I really like your attitude. I mostly fraternize with other bloggers at my own “level,” whatever that is. I have not made a habit of guest posting all over the place. People who find me stick because they like what I write. Great meeting you. Thanks for introducing me to some new bloggers too.
    Best wishes for a happy new year,

  8. says

    These 5 blogs really do seem promising (in terms of blogs I might enjoy reading). I’ll be sure to check them out!

    By the way, I just discovered your own blog via Problogger and I’ll probably be back.

    … So, now I’ve got 6 new blogs to start reading. :)

    Thanks Tom!

  9. says

    Gosh A-List bloggers were old when I started online in 07 LOL! Though I think you do Pat Flynn a disservice by including him in that term. Pat actually does what he talks about and even updates his own blog. Something that a true A-Lister would never consider doing – that’s what Guest Posters are for!

    • says

      Hey Lissie,

      The title is tongue-in-cheek – Pat has seen and endorsed this post! If you read around the blog you’d seen that I am an avid fan of his. He is a great example of how A list bloggers *should* behave.

      Thanks for stopping by :)


  10. says

    I was redirected over here from someone else’s blog! Got to love the blog love between some of you guys. I will check these blogs out – they sound very interesting.
    Sort My Life Solutions

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