What Everyone Should Know About Growing A Blog


When I first started this blog, I entertained a misconception that I believe is shared by most new bloggers, and some experienced ones too. I believed that all traffic is created equal. How wrong I was – and perhaps for more reasons than you think. I have spoken on previous occasions about how targeted traffic is […]

A-List Bloggers Are Boring – 5 People Whose Blogs You Should Be Reading

A-List Bloggers Are Boring - 5 People Whose Blogs You Should Be Reading

Many up-and-coming bloggers have quite a destructive mindset – they think that the only way to boost a burgeoning blog’s popularity is to piggyback on the success of a-list bloggers. Thoughts such as, “If I could just get a guest post at ProBlogger” or “if only Pat Flynn would re-tweet my posts” are not uncommon, as […]

My First Authority Site: Update #1 – The Value of Experience

White Hat SEO

This is Part #2 of a series. A list of all the other updates can be found at the bottom of this post. When I first introduced this authority site, I made a big fuss about how it was going to be an experiment in white hat SEO. Well, as I pointed out in my October 2011 […]

How To Make Money Online Now

Make Money Online

Imaginative title, right? I bet you’ve never read anything with a headline like that before. I kid. However, what I have to say here will share very little in common with those articles. Unfortunately, I am not here to show you how you can create a passive income in three easy steps and just a few weeks. […]

Freelance Writing: 9 Tips for Getting Started

Freelance Writing Tips

As some of you will know, I recently expanded my online endeavors into freelance writing. I have now been writing for WPMU for nearly two months (doesn’t time fly?) and have today landed my second client. I have my fingers in many different pies. I have authority sites, a JV with Joseph Archibald, and of […]