Does Your Online Business Fizzle?

FizzleIf you’re a regular reader of Leaving Work Behind then you will know that I’m not into unscrupulous sales tactics. The fact is that I am not much of a salesman — I feel much more confident either creating or talking about something that I think is really good. That way, I can largely just let the product or service do its job.

With the above in mind, if you have any kind of aspiration to build an online presence and subsequently leverage it to make money, you’re going to be interested by what I have to say today. That should cover just about everyone, so read on!

There are affiliate links on this page. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission. It will cost you nothing extra. I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and tested extensively. Thank you!

18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures

Corbett BarrThere’s this guy I know called Corbett. You may have heard of him.

Going back a few years, he had a site called in which he revealed details of his quasi-nomadic lifestyle. Next he launched Think Traffic – a site you should probably be subscribed to (if you’re not already). Then he launched a product called Start a Blog That Matters – by a distance the best course/guide on blogging that I have ever read. In fact, I used it as inspiration to re-launch this very blog in May 2012.

Corbett has a lot to offer to the likes of us — he was in fact one of the first people I came across when I first decided that I wanted to leave work behind in May 2011 and is featured in my recent With Thanks To… post. His manifesto – 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures – was pretty revolutionary for me in terms of helping me to understand what is possible in the world of online business and location independence.

So when I found out that he was working on something new — something big — I knew that I had to take a look. I wasn’t disappointed.

Introducing Fizzle

Corbett’s already released some great products; the aforementioned Start a Blog That Matters being one of them. Given the type of guy that he is, it is no surprise that this new project is a huge step above what we have seen previously.

In short, Fizzle is a membership site packed with video tutorials on how to create and develop your own online business. But putting it that dryly doesn’t really do it any justice — I have rarely come across something as well constructed and beautifully polished as Fizzle:


It’s pretty.

The site features a whole bunch of video guides and interviews, with about 20 hours of material online at the moment (and plenty more to come). Here are some of my favorites:

  • Differentiation (How to Make Your Business Stand Out)
  • How to Create Effective and Engaging Content
  • Pat Flynn: How He Built a Passive Income Empire
  • Productivity Do’s, Don’ts, Dangers & Tips

Each topic is broken down into bite-size videos which is a totally inspired move — one of the reasons I am typically not a fan of video is because a sixty-minute clip just seems like such a big commitment. Watch a 5 minute clip here and a 10 minute clip there however…that’s something I can handle.

I’ve only watched perhaps a quarter of what’s on the site so far but I’m completely hooked. That is in no small part down to a certain Mr. Chase Reeves — one-time designer of Think Traffic turned Fizzle presenter/guru. I can’t fault Corbett and Caleb Wojcik for their video style, but Chase manages not only to make the material interesting, he’s also highly engaging and funny to boot.

Chase Reeves

Chase, seen here practicing his overhand finger pointing technique.

Access to the site is just $35 per month and the first month will set you back just $1 — no strings attached! The fact that you could attempt to digest it all within a month for $35 is really quite ridiculous, given that you could easily split the material up into multiple information products, each individually retailing for more than that. Corbett and his team are onto a real winner here.

If this sounds good to you, sign up to Fizzle now!


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    Yesterday, I wrote in my writing book – “I need a break. Can you help me?” This could be the break I need. I’m the process of trying to relaunch my website and get myself situated as a freelance writer. So I ask, can you help me?

  2. says

    Wow, awesome, Tom. Thanks so much for your kind words. We’ve worked very hard on it… i, particularly have spent days—nay, MONTHS—trying to perfect the perfect overhand finger point. So happy to see our efforts aren’t lost on you :)


  3. says

    Hey Tom

    What a sweet idea…you must clearly love Fizzle!

    This is my year to finally become location-independent (after talking about it for a few years now). The blog I’ve shared here will be going to bloggy heaven in April when the domain runs out, but until then it will be redirected to my new online home.

    I plan on earning my income through freelance writing and so the new blog will serve as a portfolio, although I’ll also be writing about Mostly Mindful Minimalism.

    I’m excited about the new direction things have taken, but I’m such a technophobe that I make regular technophobes look like coding geniuses. To give you an idea how bad it is, I installed my first plugin earlier today and bragged about it on FB I was that excited.

    I could definitely use a little help getting me up and running.

    I have just started Think Traffic’s Start a Blog that Matters, so I’m definitely in good hands, but Fizzle sounds awesome and I wouldn’t mind getting a looking inside!

    Ang ;-)

  4. says

    Tom, thanks for your generosity in this. I’ve been a fan of Corbett’s work for a while and would love to try out his new venture.

    I’m a veterinarian in the U.S. Army, and I’m currently trying to lay a foundation for my own career as a freelance writer and consultant after my commitment in the military is finished. I love my work as a vet but love even more sharing about all the incredible opportunities that exist for veterinarians to get involved in solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

    My website (linked above) represents my initial foray into this idea of creating an online platform and sustainable business. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. Anything stand out as a quick fix I could address right away?

    I know that Fizzle would be a major help to me as I continue along this journey.



    • says

      Hey Elliot,

      Certainly no quick fixes — you’ve got a nice looking site there. But since you asked I can nitpick ;-)

      • The slider took quite a while to load first time around…not sure why.
      • I would put the top navigation on a black background so it’s easier to read.
      • Personally I would get rid of the scroll effect on the top nav/slider section.
      • Change up the ‘About’ page to start with why people should be there (i.e. the benefits of your site to them) followed by your bio.

      Hope that helps!



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    Hey Tom,

    Knowing your blog and writing, after you mentioned Corbett I had a feeling were going to mention his brilliant manifesto – Probably the best written inspiration and eye opening material I ever encountered.

    I live in Israel and despite the security problems of which everyone is aware, there is a serious economic crisis in here. The economy itself doesn’t show any signs of that, it even shows the opposite.
    The real problem is that there is no horizon.
    A Huge portion of the population earns minimum wage. A wage that isn’t enough for anything beyond the very basic needs, if any.
    Not unemployment, but a struggle for the employed population.
    People feel that they’ve got to be rich, because otherwise they would be poor. The middle class is vanishing.

    But that’s not the case for me. Luckily I stumbled upon people like you, Corbett, Pat and many more. I know now I have another option – to create my own economy.

    And that’s become my goal, to “make it” and to expose others to their chance too.

    So I don’t have my website ready yet, it’s in the working (through Start a blog that matters of course – which is great!), but I’m sure that the addition of the “fizzle knowledge” would really help me speed things up, and kick it to a higher level.

    On a side note, I LOVE your design! It’s so simple, clean and inviting.
    I actually like pretty much all of your designed elements too, maybe you could help me later on with advice on my own site…

  6. says

    Hi Tom. I joined Fizzle thanks to your article and I am very happy with the quality of information found inside. I have just gone through the Twitter course and am about to listen to Pat Flynn’s story. Very inspiring, indeed. Fizzle is not a get rich quick system but it has a positive impact on one’s attitude to “get things done”. Thanks for the tip!

  7. says

    Wow, this is an amazing competition! There is no way I can’t not give it a go. I may be cheating slightly as I am currently a member (and I totally agree with everything you have said about fizzle). I joined up on a special launch day offer that was half price for the first month with the intention if consuming as much content as I can in that time before cancelling because the reality is it is an expense I can not afford at this point in my life. However I am now addicted and also getting so much out of fizzle that I am desperate to find a way to stay a bit longer.

    My current situation is this. I am a drama teacher and since October I have been off ill with post viral fatigue. It has been a big wake up call and I have realised how important my health is. I started to write short stories and poems because I needed to be creative somehow but am not well enough to do anything else and I have discovered a new love! My husband works away and we would really love to find a way for us all to live together again. My hope is that if I can find a way to make some money on line then I can move myself and the children up to where he works and I can leave the job that is making me sick. My current in need of lots of help idea is to post podcasts for children with stories and poems on them. The slight problem I have is that am a total dunce when it comes to all things business related. That part of my brain just seems to be missing and I need fizzle to stop me from being a muppet basically.

    Save me from muppetdom!

  8. says

    Hi Tom,

    I found you and your blog right about the time I decided to leave corporate America for good and start my own business. I almost always get something useful out of your posts – so thank you for that. I confess I haven’t posted here before, but this generous offer incented me to write.

    I also have to confess I’m not familiar with Mr. Corbett, though based on your recommendation, I do plan to go check him out during my Play and Explore time this evening. As a freelance technical writer, I continue to look for every avenue that will help bring me closer to my ideal clients, and it seems that Fizzle might be a great resource in that effort.

    I’ve been dragging my feet on starting my own blog, mostly because I waffle about the right area of focus. I have a lot of (too many!) interests, but I do realize that you need to be clear on your audience, and I just haven’t narrowed it down properly yet. I think that Fizzle might be just the place to help me do so. Winning a free month of use would be so great, so I hope my need and this post will convince you to pick me for one of the prizes.

    And, as sort of a quid pro quo, I would like to share with you and your readers a resource that has been useful (and inspirational) for me. No affiliate links or personal gain, just something that I think matches your own outlook. There are SO many spammy, slimy, over-the-top marketing/sales gurus out there who want to “help” you reach success with your business and usually promise instant success.

    But Tea Silvestre, the Word Chef, is a very different animal. Besides her very useful Word Chef blog, focused principally on branding, she is currently producing an online “reality” show about marketing your business targeted at solopreneurs. The 15 contestants are already chosen, and there is Play-At-Home game that I signed up for. But anyone interested can just watch the YouTube shows (look for the Prosperity’s Kitchen channel – live on Mondays or listen to the recordings) and garner the knowledge gained for themselves. It is developing into a very nice community. She is smart, experienced, but more importantly genuine and just “good people.” Check her out and I think you will quickly see what I mean.

    Didn’t really mean this as some kind of free advertising on your blog – sorry if it comes across that way! – really just sharing another great resource for your readers.

    Again, thanks for your sharing your experience, Tom!


  9. says

    Hi Tom,

    Corbett’s sites sound interesting. I’ll likely subscribe to them. I would be interested in a membership to his site, but the problem I have right now is information overload. I’m so overwhelmed with info and products, I’m losing my mind. As it stands right now, I’m a week behind in school homework because I’m so focused on my business right now.

    I’d honestly like to see the membership go to someone who needs it and has the time. I’ll pay for one at a later time, and when my mind can take more information. ;-) Meantime, keep up the great posts!

    • says

      Hey Nida,

      That’s very selfless of you! I totally understand the information overload deal — I battle it most days :) I find the key is to make sure that you have a clear path forwards whilst reading on the side and applying what you learn to your business only if it feels right to do so.



  10. says

    Hi Tom

    I too have to throw my hat in the ring, as I am in dire need of a helping hand to start a profitable blog :)

    My story? When I became a mom to twins, I was left with no alternative but to leave my regular job. I became what I call an ‘accidental housewife’. My new job is to care for our twins, full time. But despite the relentlessness (and long hours) of this job, I am also in the process of starting two online blogs. So I get up at 4am every day, to work on my blogs until the twins get up. And I get back to working on my blogs once the twins are in bed.

    Why am I doing this? For two reasons:
    1) I need to contribute to the family finances so we can provide for our twins
    2) I want to help other moms who find themselves in the same situation as I: caring for their kids full time, and needing to find a way to work from home, around their kids’ schedules, to contribute to the family finances. I want to inspire these moms by demonstrating that it can be done. Where there is a will, there is a way. And even though it is overwhelming, all that needs to your dream and take it one step at a time, each and every day.

    I am now 21 days into my journey, and have managed to set-up one of the blogs. But it is only a very basic set-up, and much is left to be done. Everything is very alien to me, and the learning curve is extremely steep. Hence my need for guidance :)

    PS – you probably do not remember, but you already helped me out on twitter, when I was struggling to install WordPress. So thank you!

    • says

      Hey Laura,

      I do remember and you’re welcome :)

      Thanks for sharing. Two questions:

      1. Why two blogs? Why not put twice as much effort into one?
      2. Have you considered freelance writing as a means of making money?



      • says

        My main blog will be Mom Goes Healthy – which provides busy moms with easy solutions for healthy living.

        But because I have struggled to find my way online (I am an online rookie and complete technical gnat), I thought other moms would benefit from my experiences. If I can make it easier for one other mom then it is worth the extra effort to me.

        As for freelance writing: English is my fourth language, so writing in it does not come naturally to me. It takes me quite some time. Plus, to be honest, I do not have a nice, flowing conversational style like you and other good writers have.


  11. says

    In short, I need to take care of my family and I want to get out of the rut of relying on my job to do this. I strongly believe that giving the chance I can produce the income that I need to provide for my wife and kids and then turn around and use this knowledge to teach others.

      • says

        I do – I actually have a site in mind already. What I would like to do is address how families today are in need of making money – everyone in the family – and how they can do that online. Most programs focus on an individuals making money, but I don’t see any program where the entire family can be involved. I know that affiliate marketing is one big way but also, exploring and introducing how each family member has a unique business inside of them that they can be inspired to create. This in turn can empower the family as a whole – to me it would be very synergistic. Instead of focusing on the negative financial situation they are in they would all start focusing on solutions. What I see is that families are no longer being influenced by what they don’t have but they are actually doing something about it. I want to be able to provide resources, free PDFs, and ways to make money online. I am very excited about the concept! What do you think?

          • says

            Thanks Tom! I really believe in strong families so even if I am the primary writer for the blog the intended purpose is to strengthen and inspire husbands, wives and kids to create wealth. :-)

            BTW – thanks for your blog, it really has been a great source of inspiration for me to get this project started. I kept saying all 2012 I was going to do it, now I am reeeeallly taking the steps to get it done. In essence, I am really moving towards “Leaving work Behind.” :-)

  12. Joshua Robbs says

    I’m actually a former Fizzle member. It was a waste of money for me. Before you explode on me, let me finish.

    I wasn’t getting it. There were some pretty big holes in my business concept . My main problem was that as I tightened my focus I was also shrinking my vision. Tiny vision = tiny passion.

    At the beginning of the month, I sat down with my wife and dug into the foundation of the plan and went through Corbett’s Start a Blog That Matters again. Something clicked (finally).

    I’ve adjusted the project’s goals and now it has both a narrow focus and a giant vision. AND a lot of the stuff I remember from Fizzle makes more sense and that’s just from MY memory.

    Now I feel I’m in a position to actually use the information in Fizzle.

    I retire from the US Army in 58 months, 16 days, 6 hours, and you get the idea. I can’t escape my cubicle until then. But I’d really love some help getting everything in place so that I can escape as soon as I am able.

    To be honest, Fizzle isn’t for everyone. If you have the wrong mindset, you will not get as much out of it. If you don’t like forums, you will lose out on some of the interaction. But the videos are powerful.

    Thanks for the chance to win, Tom. I’m digging your site.


    PS Angela, I would make sure you’ve finished SABTM before moving on to Fizzle. That was 40% of my problem: looking at too many sets of instructions.

    • says

      Hi Joshua,

      First of all, I’m the last person to explode at someone for having a reasonably stated opinion. We’re not like that around here :)

      It sounds like a specific part of Fizzle’s course material didn’t resonate well with you at that time, which I can understand. That can happen. But Fizzle is of course a lot more than just information on finding your niche. I would however agree that it isn’t for everyone, but arguably in the same way that running your own business isn’t for everyone — you need to be self-motivating and highly driven (something I’m guessing you don’t lack, given your army background).

      Anyway, that’s beside the point really — you’re back on board! And 5 years is a great length of time to establish a really solid online business. Thanks for sharing!



  13. Ampi Castano says

    I may not deserve it, but I am in dire need of such help.

    Here’s my very own sob story…I have been unemployed for 2 years. I have lost my unemployment benefits, child support, apartment, my car–well, just about everything. My 16 y.o. daughter went to live with my son and I moved in with a friend’s ex-husband. I was there for a couple of months, but he just kicked me out. I also have fibromyalgia, which has gotten worse with all of the stress in my life at the moment.

    I have hit rock-bottom. I don’t think it can actually get any worse than it has for me these past couple of years. I’m exhausted and starting to lose hope. However, I have hit the restart button and am doing my best to start a new online business as a virtual assistant and freelance writer. I know it’s going to take a lot of time and patience, but I really do need to kick-start it asap or I’m screwed. This is my last hope for a better financial future.

    I think having access to such valuable information will make it possible for me to create a new future.

  14. Greg Palmer says

    Hi Tom,

    While I would love to have a membership to Fizzle, there is a lot of good free information online. In fact, I just follow you and other great minds on Twitter and find all kinds of links that people share. I love content from Think Traffic so I’m sure Fizzle is high quality, but depending on your needs or budget it may not be necessary.

    • says

      Hey Greg,

      It’s definitely not “necessary” and you probably could get access to all the same information if your rooted around for long enough. The benefits of Fizzle are that it offers a sizeable (and growing) collection of lessons and the production qualities and accessibility are absolutely top notch. I do see where you’re coming from though :-)



  15. says

    I can rock it hard when it comes to talking about math learning and math teaching. But when it comes to business concepts, I’m the worlds biggest moron.

    I’m never going to be able to change the math culture in the world unless I get some stinkin’ snap when it comes to business acumen. It makes me crazy, but it’s true.

    Not only that, it makes me incredibly sad to think that’s what’s holding me back. And unbelievably excited to know that there’s a resource that can help.

    In the intro video, Chase Reeves says, “If you want to build something that you care about, something valuable, then you need Fizzle.”

    It doesn’t get any more valuable than this. And there’s nothing that I care about more.

    I made a commitment to change the math culture of the world when my daughter was born. I can’t stand her growing up in a world where people think it’s cool or normal to do poorly in math.

    Some people want to feed the world. Some people want to ensure freedom.

    I just want people to treat math like they treat reading – do it early, do it often, and do it with a smile.

    And with Fizzle, I can do it!

    • says

      I think Tom should pick you for one of the subscriptions. THAT is an awesome goal and one I highly support. And not to be sexist, but it just kills me that so few girls consider choosing a math or science-focused path in school and life. I really hope you pursue this!


  16. says

    Hi Tom,
    First, thank you for the kind offer of a chance to win a membership to Fizzle :)

    I found you by chance today, when I browsing the internet for reviews on Fizzle as I was subscribed to the opportunity of joining when they opened, and I would dearly love to be a member.

    And here’s why.
    I am just launching blog on WordPress to promote my business as a Holistic Health and Fitness coach

    My business is centered on inspiring and coaching health-conscious people to be in superior health and keep free of illness via quality nutrition ie healthy eating or unprocessed, unrefined foods and how to incorporate uncooked living foods into the diet for enhanced health, injury free exercise for well-being and feeling good.

    Also additional holistic coaching to clear out negative beliefs, thoughts and actions that get in the way of fully loving yourself and being the real you so you can excel in life.

    Its a mind, body, spirit connection business. I walk my talk so I teach what I know and my lifestyle. I share my personal story on my my website – my journey to health via changing my lifestyle and diet to a super healthy one to connect and inspire others.

    At present, I have created my logo (not the ultimate) but reflects who I am and what I stand for. My WHY and belief is that your health is priority and that you without it you have nothing and I want to share with others what I know about living free of illness (I cannot remember the last time I was ill, 11 or 12 years maybe?) and have tremendous energy and vitality everyday which results in pure happiness.

    Having looked at what Fizzle offers, I am at a stage where I would great benefit from their training and I am so excited and passionate to learn all I can to make a difference by running a business that share the expertize I have to be healthy and change peoples lifes the better.

    It saddens me to see so many people unwell or have disease and knowing its because of their lifestyle and diet is one major key to this. Taking my health in my own hands and curing myself of illness via natural healing via nutrition and lifestyle, my fingers are crossed that I can help others do same but I need help to understand all the ropes of promoting what I do.

    Thanks again Tom for what you are offering

    Best of l luck to all who commented :)

  17. says

    Although I’ve stepped off the proverbial hamster wheel of working for someone else, I do think that I’ve stepped onto a different one being self-employed. I’m seeking a way to build the passive income side of my business so I can share what I’ve learned authentically and help other businesses grow and prosper without having to hold their hand along the way.

    I’d love to earn free access to the site and share my own progressing story on his site as my passive income evolves based on his teachings.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. says

    Hey Tom,

    I recently saw the interview you did with Liz Seda. This may not be the most creative of responses but we’ll see. I should first say that I have been following Think Traffic and Corbett for awhile.

    I was not let down with what I thought Fizzle was going to look like. I would love to join, unfortunately–the situations in my life at the present moment do not allow. I have had a tough journey but one that I have continued to stick with, even when I don’t feel like doing anything because of my personal life.

    Now–my journey or path to this point:

    I have a Dream

    I have a dream that one day, humanity will become as one and not be held down by fear, negativity, and doubt

    I have a dream that all people will follow their dreams, passions, and creativity–while doing something that matters–inspiring, teaching, and helping others do the same.

    I have a dream that one day humanity will start living with the world–not just on it.

    I have a dream that one day, I won’t have to worry about paying the next bill, living paycheck to paycheck, and holding back the contempt I have with my life.

    I have a dream that one day, the message I share at Unplugged Recreated will reach millions–inspiring, educating, motivating, encouraging people to live happy, awake, fulfilled, and free.

    I think Fizzle is a community where I can start to make these Dreams–come closer.


  19. says

    to be short and sweet – as i have places to be and people to tend to: I’m a prolific creator. I have the ideas, and often the partial knowledge in the execution of said ideas. Since the age of about 14 i’ve had numerous websites and small business ventures which, for the most part, never had a huge success.

    Fizzle seems like a useful resource that would help me fill in the blanks in a practical and direct way. it sounds like it will cut out the endless hours of semi-relevant information I’m forever sifting through online (your website is obviously one of the exceptions – which is why it’s one i regularly read) so that my thoughts and creations can be built and established in the most efficient manner possible.

    All up – it’s a resource that i’d love to trial; the reality being, should it live up to the hype – I’ll be continuing with the membership until it is no longer of any benefit to me.

    Cheers :)

    • says

      Hey Daria,

      Your story sounds very similar to my own from a couple of years ago — so many ideas! It’s just about finding the one that gives you the break you need. Thanks for sharing :)


  20. says

    Hi Tom,

    First of all: thank you very much for being my inspiration for last few months. I’m still on my full-time job in IT however I’m already on track for changing the way I live and work.

    I know Tom that Pat Flynn from was your inspiration. He also is mine. I used to be very skeptical about “me blogging” for a very long time. I lived in misconception that blogging is mostly reserved for people who want to share not so important information. But I was not right – now I know that. In my “offline” life I was struggling like many others who work hard 9-to-5 (in my case it was even 9-to-10) chasing the dream which is very distant. In the meanwhile I was watching my kids growing (already 9 and 12 years old) and I was frustrated I’m spending most of my time without my family. On the other hand I was trying to help my friends get out of debts and manage their personal finances. It was nothing regular as I’m not financial advisor. It was giving very simple help from time to time and I realized… most of my friends really do miss the basic education in personal finances area. I thought it might be a good idea to share my knowledge and help other people beyond limited number of my friends :)

    Although I’m working in IT I really didn’t knew where to start. I’ve started looking for information and this is how I found Pat Flynn and his blog. Since then – a lot have already happened. In July 2012 I’ve started – it is a Polish blog which name can be translated as “How to save money”. It is all about saving and spending money wisely. I’m giving away for free all I know about personal finances. I give tips how everyone can save money and I’m giving “hard data” – numbers, free Excel calculators, real-life scenarios. I also teach how to create home budget, how to categorize spendings and income, how to wiesely manage debts etc. I’m also showing inevesting options however it is not (and won’t be) the main topic of the blog. The main objective for me is to be fully transparent. Like Pat and you I share my very detailed “monthly spendings report” showing the cost of 4-people family living in Warsaw, Poland. I openly discuss all the topics with my readers and I’m trying to be as helpful as possible.

    Such approach brings real “fruits” :) During the last 7 months I was able to organically build something unimaginable for me. I have nearly 700 Facebook fans, in January I’ve crossed 15 000 unique visitors monthly mark, I have over 500 people on my mailing list and it is growing fast. My record post achieved over 370 comments (and no awards were given :-))! I’m very thankful to everyone who help me help others. Pat Flynn was and is one of my greatest inspirations and I’ve tried to give my “thank you” to him in very unique way. You can find my story on his blog at the end of his October Monthly Income report: – I’m so happy that everything goes this way.

    Anyway: I still haven’t monetized my blogging activities. Although I’m happy I can impact so many people’ lives, I still haven’t “fixed” mine. I’m looking for becoming my own boss but I’m still afraid of loosing my monthly “sure money”. This is why I’m tracking your blog. I hope I will be able to convince myself that I shall invest 100% of my time into my blog instead of doing just 15% of what I can really do in this area. It is about my mindset change and self-belief.

    I hope you will find my story interesting and I will be able to win a membership to Fizzle. I definitely would like to joint your club Tom :-) and I’m pretty sure I have a good basis for it. Now I need to pick the best strategy to make it happen based on what I’ve achieved so far :) It’s like miracle happening. I hope I will be able to make it happen with your help :)

    On the other hand, when I’m reading the stories published above in comments, I see there are people who need this Fizzle membership more than me. Ampi Castano story touched me and I see how lucky man I am at the moment. I think she needs this Fizzle more than everyone else.

    Tom – I’m happy you’ve made me to share my story here :) Good luck to you and everyone else here who decided to act and change their lives. I wish you all the best!


    • says

      Hey Michal,

      It’s great to have you here! I read your story back in November on Pat’s site and was truly inspired. I love your project, especially because you are working to your strengths and focusing on the Polish market (great move!). It sounds like you’ve already got off to an awesome start (more monthly uniques than me!) and I would love to help you continue that success. Check your emails! :)



      • says

        Hi Tom,

        Thank you, thank you, thank you for awarding me! I’m so honored and happy. I’m looking forward for taking my blog further with Fizzle :) And I’m pretty sure Tom you will have more and more unique readers as you have rock-solid content :)

        Congratulations to co-winners Ampi and Stephanie!

        All the best!

    • says

      Hi Nicko,

      No affiliate links on this page, as Fizzle didn’t have an affiliate program when I wrote this post. Other links to Fizzle on the blog are affiliate links though, as they launched an affiliate program a few months ago.



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