Leaving Guilt Behind: How to Embrace the Solopreneur Way of Life


The following is a guest post from Christina Nellemann, a graphic/web designer, writer and blogger from Northern Nevada who travels the world and attends Burning Man. Her work can be found at Feline Design.

You’ve worked and slaved (maybe for decades) for your freedom. You’ve saved up your money, made contacts and connections, and — most of all — you’ve beaten the fear that plagues most people who want to quit their job. You’re free and working on what and when you want.

Now comes the guilt.

As I write this, I’m celebrating over a month of freedom from my full-time job. I worked for 15 years for other companies and now I’m running my own freelance design and writing business. For the past year my schedule was like this: wake up at 5am, work full time for eight or nine hours, come home, grab some food and go right back to work on my freelance job until 10pm. That type of schedule is enough to turn anyone into a workaholic and when it comes time to leave the full time job, there tends to be a bit more free time available.

Along with this newly acquired freedom often comes guilty feelings:

  • “I really should be working harder ” (I’m up at 6am already working on writing jobs).
  • “I should apply for all the jobs I can” (I’m actually getting overwhelmed with offers).
  • “I’m not getting enough billable hours” (freelancing is totally different from a full-time, full-pay job).

There’s no doubt in the first few weeks of your new life that guilt will begin to nibble at your day. You’ll chastise yourself for not living a “regular life” because you’re not making as much money, not working all the time and not getting enough respect from peers and family. However, you can waylay that guilt by keeping the following tips in mind.

Pay What You Want for My Upcoming Book Series! [Introducing the LWB Book Club]

Belief book cover

Longtime Leaving Work Behind readers will know that I’ve been working on a book/books for a long time. With that in mind, today I am excited to announce that the first book in an ongoing series will be available to my LWB Book Club members in just seven days.

But that’s not all: they will be able to pay what they want for the book.

I’ve placed the value proposition in hands and trust in the LWB community to reward me appropriately for the quality of my work.

In this post I’m going to introduce you to the upcoming book series, explain why I have chosen a pay what you want model and also give you an opportunity to sign up for the LWB Book Club (it’s completely free to do so).

How I Became the Leaving Work Behind Community Manager


When I quit my job last year I had business ideas, but no firm plans (like I should have), of what I would do professionally to help contribute to the household and no entrepreneurial experience.

Five months later, with little more than a willingness to interact and get involved, I was being introduced to you as the Leaving Work Behind Community Manager. The benefits associated with this position are numerous, but some of the prominent ones are: the opportunity to work with and learn from a top influencer, increased exposure to other top influencers, more subscribers/followers/clients and a larger network of friends and contacts to connect with, learn from, and collaborate with (talk about extreme value!).

The benefits I have seen so far only excite me more for the future. Starting with some exciting improvements to the community forum, new features in discussion for Tom’s Paid To Blog course, and venturing into social media and blog management & strategy reports, I am presented with higher profile opportunities much sooner than I could have ever dreamed.

I feel like the possibilities for my business growth are endless, and I am definitely reaching for the stars to provide as much value as possible. Completing some products, higher profile collaborations, and larger, more intense research & analysis projects — which I love by the way — are things I especially see happening in the future.

In this post, I want to share with you the steps that took me to this opportunity so that you can accelerate your own success, all from actively interacting and connecting in communities.

The Drawbacks of Goal Setting (Why I Agree With Leo Babauta)


I’m incredibly fortunate. I’ve got a point now where I make enough money to support me. At this point, my day-to-day contentment with what I do is more important to me than making me more money.

That puts me in a rather interesting position where I don’t want to set myself strict goals.

The thing is, ambitious goals are brilliant for pushing you and getting you to places you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten to. But they can also be a source of stress. They can put pressure on you. That’s the nature of goals.

18 Ways to Motivate Yourself in the Moment

Newton's Cradle

I’ve talked about motivation a lot here on Leaving Work Behind. In fact, at the time of writing, there are no less than 43 posts in the archives tagged with “Motivation” (this article makes 44).

But the quest for motivation goes on, and with good reason. Being motivated is not an absolute state of mind. You are not either “motivated” or “demotivated.” Motivation exists on a spectrum.

With the above in mind, in this article I intend to make a positive change to your motivation and move you closer to the positive end of the spectrum. More specifically, I want to talk about finding motivation in the moment. This isn’t about motivation on a grand scale — it’s about conjuring the energy to do work right now.